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Life Coach in Prague

Using holistic self-improvement methods to help you improve your life on all angles. I don’t sell quick fixes, what I can do is give advice, coaching and mentoring to help you make effective long-term and sustainable changes in your life.

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Why Work With Me:

Why work with me? In my previous career I was a top 3% (EU wide) head hunter for over 10 years. As a bi-product of this I’ve spoken with and worked with many highly successful individuals from Vice presidents of global companies to general managers and CEOs. I have a global commercial understanding that let’s face it, not many people have in Prague. Hence untimely I can give advice from a business/career prospective that goes far beyond the bubble of Prague and the Czech Republic.

Change Your Life

Types of Coaching Offered


Life Coaching

We only live once and time is not on our side. Why trundle through feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and accepting mediocrity? I don’t have all the answers, but I can and I will help through listening and giving practical methods and tasks for you to make a difference for your future self.


Career Coaching

As a head hunter with over 10 years of experience under my belt, I can offer high-level advice from CVs, interview prep to general career trajectory advice. You spend more time at work than doing anything else in your life, take it seriously!

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Business Coaching

Given my successful commercial background working in a high-growth and successful business. I can help bring new ideas, concepts, ways of thinking and analysis to your business that can have a dramatic result on your growth and revenue. Every company is different and I would have to really analyze your business before jumping to conclusions. Areas that I can add particular focus to include talent acquisition/recruitment strategy, employee engagement, sales, soft skill training and management structure.


Help with Addiction

I have the benefit that I’ve personally struggled through many of the modern addictions myself and I’ve used trial and error to get over them. Here you can benefit from my many failings to get yourself or a family member out of the hole.

Health and Fitness

Fitness is more in the mind than in the body. You can hit the gym, but if you don’t know why, you don’t have defined goals and the mental health and discipline to follow through. You will fail like the majority do. I can work out with you, but more importantly, I can give you the planning, goals, mindset and accountability to give you a fighting chance.