Do you want to Be:




Maybe it's time to fix your sleep.



If you wanted to be fitter you might hire

a personal trainer.


Eat better? A nutritionist.


Yet sleep is more important

than both of these so why not get

help on your sleep?

When you have bad sleep
do you?


Find yourself suffering brainfog and making mistakes at work?

Let’s face it, when you are tired, are you really doing your best work? Are you making them praeto decisions that could change your life and those around you? Or are you simply trying to grind these days out one coffee at a time? 


You are getting moody and finding yourself on edge?

Sleep has a huge impact on mood and awareness. If you are snapping at your kids or partner, or simply getting overly frustrated by that slow moving person in front of you on the street. It doesn’t have to be this way.

analyze data

You start to become inconsistent in nearly everything you do?

Ever wondered why some sessions at the gym are so much better than others? Some days you are a champion others you are a villian? Look no further.


You find yourself being reliant on coffee or pills?

While these can work in the short term. There is no denying this will hurt in the long term.

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Sleep is the ULTIMATE performance enhancer.
If there was a drug that could offer it without side effect,
It would be the best-selling drug of all time!


I’m not a drug! But I can help. 

Check out some of our testimonials:


Agency Co-Owner.



Constant Brainfog, low energy. Getting through the day with coffee. Bed and wake up times all over the place!


Causes and Solutions:

After quite a lot of delving, the 2 areas we spent the most time on were building a bullet proof daily routine day by day and working on developing long term goals. While Ivo is very ambitious, his goals were vague and he hadn't really tied in his goals to his sleep.



Ivo's sleep schedule is rock solid. He reports much better health, social life, no more brainfog, his career is improving and no more late night coffees!



Sales Manager



Sleep times being inconsistent, bad habits creeping in and struggling to know where he was going. He'd run an Iron man 3 years back, but felt in the shadow of his former self.


Causes and Solutions:

Poor sleep habits, lack of long term goals and purpose and limiting beliefs.

We built realistic and small steps to conquer  bad habits one by one. Introduced tasks to help find meaning and build purposeful goals. We challenged in a tough way a number of limiting beliefs.


Pedro's sleep is on another level. After 3 years finally training at a level he is happy with and seeing quick progress. Work is better and this is just the beginning.

Jon Cruz




Although Jon is a health fanatic and a busy CEO. He was finding many days he was a shadow of who he wanted to be. This was having consequences on colleagues, friends and relations. 


Causes and Solutions:

There were many. But indeed his bedroom set-up was working against him. He had an issue with boundaries with his partner and had a number of bad habits. 

Week by week we methodically changed his patterns, fixed his set-up and used sleep data to tweak benefits across many areas.



Jon is according to his partner, annoyingly energetic all time now. His business is flourishing and he has deep knowledge on how to manage his own sleep now. 

Why is Sleep Coaching Even A Thing?


Honestly, I wish it wasn't. But the reality is, huge waves of the population are sleep deprived. It's a modern pandemic nearing on biblical consequences across the population. 


Reason #1

Societal Change.

300 years ago you would likely meet 5 strangers a year. Now, you will meet 5 strangers within 5 minutes of leaving your door. Society has changed a huge amount over the last 50 years. But our brains are more or less unchanged.

The new stresses that come within modern society we are ill equipped to deal with. Our sleep often suffers as a consequence.


Reason #2


If you think society has changed a lot. Technology takes this to the next level! For most of human history we lived with no artifical light other than fire and in a quiet environment.

Now? We are surrounded by lights, screens, sounds and stimulation. As you may be seeing the pattern. We are ill equiped for this.


Reason #3

Pollution and food

Another big change over the last 50 years is the amount of pollution we are exposed to and the amount of processed foods.

I kinda cheated here as this is really reason 3 and 4. But in both cases they have changed the way we breathe. All in all leading more sleep issues.


Your World-Class Coaching Experience

Here is what you can expect….

Leading By Example


Other Coaches

Many coaches can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Short answer is many don’t practise what they preach and are better at telling rather than showing.

What you can expect from me?

I document on a public level my sleep data and routines day in day out. This includes days I messed up.

You find my public data here and I will not propose or support ideas unless I have tried them myself or have committed serious research into it.

Holistic and personalized approach

Pen and Paper (1)

Other Coaches

Other coaches?

I will solve your sleep with (Meditation, diet, exercise, mind-set, medicine, supplements, biohacking etc etc).


What you can expect from me?

The reality is, sleep is complex. THERE ISN’T a one-size-fits-all all approach to sleep and many other key areas like fitness and nutrition.

I’m not a one-trick pony and while there are many ways to improve sleep. The only consistent and sustainable approach is to tackle many different areas in a holistic manner.

Causational not symptom orientated

Email (1)

Other Coaches

Often trying to solve your symptom and looking always for the quick win.

What you can expect from me?

Don’t get me wrong, quick wins are great. But I seriously want your sleep to be better long after we stop working together.

The only way to do this is to tackle the root causes of your disturbances and problems. This requires difficult questions, patience and a long term attitude and approach.

Matt Beedle Coach


About Matt Beedle


I was a high performing headhunter earning 6 figures and driving around in fancy cars.


However, my sleep was terrible and my life was falling apart. 


I had spent over 20,000 USD on improving my sleep and I was getting nowhere!


Hence I decided to go deep and figure it out for myself. 


Was it easy? It took me 3 years of learning, experimenting and seeking experts worldwide.


The results were life-changing.


Why can’t others benefit from my suffering?


Here we are.


I’m a very different person to who I used to be and I’m happy to be adding value to peoples lives!