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Business Coaching In Prague

An improvement in motivation, mind-set or a fundamental re-look at how your business works can very easily add millions in added revenue over time. I’ve had a  successful career (You can check my linked in for my tenures and recommendations to get a good feel here) and during this, I’ve been exposed to many challenges, reformations, trainings and failures.

As a business coach my aim is to act as a new pair of ears and eyes for senior stakeholders to help solve key business needs. This can range from specific projects to helping to build new analysis and bring new strategies into the business plan.

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Business Coaching Areas of Expertice:

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Fundamental Analysis

I’m not the sort of person to come into a business and say in 5 minutes what needs to be done. For real value to be added I want to understand at a core level what is happening, get different perspectives, and look at the situation from different eyes. I’ve found instead of rushing to conclusions, sometimes the real differences are made with a clear and deliberate strategy that has been built upon rock-solid analysis, both from a quantitative approach and also from talking to staff, customers and collaborators.


Recruitment Strategy:

As a successful headhunter, I worked with many companies from small start-ups to companies with billions in revenue. There is a reason that good head hunters/recruiters are paid so well and this is because it’s the people that make the business. The difference between an average and great employees is often millions in won or lost revenue, never mind the stress that goes with not having the right people. With this in mind, I can offer high-level advice and in some cases offer direct services to help with the recruitment challenges you face. This can go from training your TA teams, to helping with talent attraction, talent retention and interviewing candidates or agencies.  I won’t hold any punches here, ultimately I will say what I think and look to give you actionable yet feasible steps to help improve your recruitment outcomes.

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Mind-set training and other soft skills

Sometimes we spend all our time trying to solve symptoms rather than fixing the core of the issue. In most the businesses I’ve seen, issues come from the core mind-set and culture that’s in-build into a business. Once people find a way of working that seems to work for them, it’s often very difficult to get them to do things any other way. In business however, change is necessary and the days of being able to work the same way for 30 years is not so common in the modern more competitive economy. I have a number of training I can offer that are designed to change core ways of thinking, create innovation, build core motivation and to ultimately develop a culture of high performance.