Recommended Reading

Books are nearly over powered when it comes to self-improvement. You can learn in a few days or weeks what someone took a whole life time to learn. Yet, be honest with yourself, how often do you read? Below are a number of books which honestly changed my life and I cannot recommend enough.

  1. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. If this book cost 10,000 Euros to buy and read. I'd say it is still incredible value. Being able to better deal with people is literally the key to all success. Be it business, health, romance or community. Dale was the master of this and this book is the bible of self-improvement. Not reading this is nearly a crime. Yup, i can't speak higher than this.
  2. Atomic Habits by James Clear. While habit building might not sound ground breaking. It truly has the ability to change your future more than anything else. James manages to set a framework, way of thinking and method that is both achievable, entertaining and relatable. It is another must read book.
  3. The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. This is a solid scientifically backed book covered the science of happiness and covers what actually works. Reading this book helped me to finally get into meditation and actually understand why my own brain was working against me so often.
  4. Millionaire fast lane- M.J Demarco. This is the sort of book that 2 chapters in, you may very well have to put it down and take a long hard think. It is a real paradigm shift in thinking when it comes to business and career. You have to start questioning is you've been lied to your whole life, by your parents, friends and society. If you want to be very successful, this book is for you.
  5. Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Malz. Ever considered how much belief effects us day to day? Often we don't even realize the number of limiting beliefs and doubts that our brain has created. It is hard to shake off doubts and beliefs about yourself that may have been there since early childhood. But this book certainly will help and could be the tool you need to finally move on a live the life you actually want.
  6. Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins- David is someone who had a horrendous childhood and should have been a statistic. But thankfully for humanity, David has a hardness and ability to thrive under hell that few humans ever had. This book is inspiring but also comes packed with lessons. After reading this, next time you feel like not studying, working or going to the gym. You just have to say, what would 'Goggins' do.  Roger that!
  7. Deep Work by Cal Newport- Ever wondered how some of the greats did what they did? Well, Cal Newport explores the possibility that it was their ability to do Deep work. If you are looking for a better work life balance and to be more successful in life. This book is a 10/10.
  8. Attached by Dr Amir Levine and Rachel Heller- This is one of the books I really wish I could have found 10 years earlier. If have ever found you often have issues with the opposite sex (or same sex), then this book is gold. By reading it you will suddenly start to understand that relationship dynamics that we internally believed are not quite as they seem. It may not sound appealing to most people, but trust me when I say, this book can save you a lot of pain, and heartbreak and really will help you find and keep the right people in your life.
  9. Best Loser Wins by Tom Hougaard. Yes, this is a trading book. But honestly, it goes so much deeper than that, that it really is worth reading even for non traders. The ability to deal with loss, failure and disappointment is a fundamental skill that no one seems to want to talk about. But Tom does and very openly admits his failings to the world. It is his failings that have made him, in the end, wildly successful by actually learning from them.